Aaska Political History Through the Art of Peter Dunlap-Shohl began 1/12/17 with an excellent presentation by Jim Barnett & Elvi Gray-Jackson on LGBT Equality and the fight for it in Anchorage and Alaska. On 1/19/17 Michael Cary will speak on Don Young--always a fun subject! And the following week yours truly has been invited to speak on Building (Un-Building!) Anchorage. If you wish to attend you can sign up at www.oleanchorage.org and/or contact Penny Cordes at pmcordes@gmail.com. Hope to see you there!!

What's New:

Davis/Farmer Residence:

The Davis/Farmer Residence is currently under construction at Point Mackenzie, Alaska.  The home design is for an environmentally independent residence.  The home will be built into the hillside overlooking Carpenter Lake and is in a beautiful location.  Solar Panels will be utilized on the roof and on the site.  The first floor roof is partially underground.