Pioneer Schoolhouse Restoration/Rehabilitation Phase I & II, Anchorage, 1986-1987:

Pioneer Schoolhouse Restoration/Rehabilitation Phase I & II, Anchorage, 1986-1987:  

This work included an historical investigation of the original plans versus the modifications made over the past years to the City of Anchorage's first schoolhouse, built in 1915. This work was done by a condition survey; investigative survey of early building elements; research of historical plans and photographs; and interviews of students of the school and early pioneers. The result is restoration/rehabilitation plan combining elements of the early schoolhouse which was constructed in only one month and the Pioneer Hall which it served as for almost 50 years. Phase II has been completed and that includes a Fire Alarm System as well as Electrical Code Compliance Design Upgrade. Phase II has also been completed and this consists of seven Historical Interpretive Display panels that show the evolution of the building. They are now on display at the Pioneer Schoolhouse and it is intended that they travel to display the plans for the restoration of the building.