Heffentrager/Bieri House Rendering, Anchorage, 1978: 

This project was commissioned by Historic Anchorage Inc. to show how the building might look if sited on its original site where now sits the Federal Office Building. The rendering shows the contrast and juxtaposition of the old to the new building.

Heffentrager/Bieri House Renovation and Relocation, Anchorage, 1979.  [Graham Associates].: 

This project was a set of restoration and renovation plans showing how the building could be re-sited and renovated at the original site, juxtaposed to the new Anchorage Federal office building. The GSA never approved the project so the house sat up on skids at a storage site until it was adopted in the "Adopt-a-House" program and moved to Eagle River and renovated.

Heffentrager/Bieri House Rendering, Anchorage, Alaska, 1978.