Jayna, Sam and Alexa Combs.  Jayna is an Interior Designer with over 30 years of experience.  Alexa has her Cultural/Arts Management Masters Degree from the University of Bologna, Italy.

"With historical restoration I always stress honesty in the differentiation from old to new materials.  In projects that are not historical, I work to meld the designs from the old to new materials.  I like to tell clients that I am designing with them and not for them.  After all, the result will be a home that they live with day in and day out." Sam Combs,Alaska Home Magazine, Summer 2010.

Sam enjoys designing and restoring structures.  Sam's been working in the Architecture field since he was 16, almost 50 years.

He also likes motorcycles.

Sam Combs, AlA, NCARB, Architect, possesses a knowledge of commercial, educational, residential, and historical architecture and construction gained from his work in architectural offices and practical experience.  He has a longtime interest and involvement with building and the preservation of structures and buildings.  Sam began his long career in Architecture at the age of 16 in an Anchorage, Alaska architectural firm and returned to that firm after graduating from the University of Oregon in 1977.  After working for the firm for two years, he began work at a smaller firm where he moved up to office manager within seven months.  In the fall of 1980 he began Alaskan Preservationists, a firm specializing in, but not limited to Historic Preservation Architecture. In the summer of 1984, Sam established an office in downtown Anchorage under his own name.  Click on Learn More below for more information.